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Witness The Coastal Beauty Of The Phuket City From Top
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Phuket Helicopter Tour - Overview

You may have known the province of Phuket for its exotic beaches, crazy nightlife, colourful night markets, water sports, etc., but the thrilling Phuket helicopter tour is a far less exploited sightseeing option. The rides allow visitors to take a round around the iconic beaches like Patong, Kata, Karon, etc., and capture the aerial views of the viewpoint Laem Phromthep which are a stunning sight to behold. During a 10 to 60 minutes long helicopter ride you’d fly over the best picturesque landscape of Thailand and enjoy its dramatic rock formation, lush green mountainous terrain, secluded beaches, immense mangrove forests, floating Muslim Village and several intersting sights.

A helicopter ride over the diverse geographical features of Phuket is the most convenient way to take a quick glance over its vast repository of natural beauty. The most striking attractions that you will notice during the ride are the 46 metre tall statue of Big Buddha and the temple of Wat Chalong. Another most celebrated feature of the tour would be a flight over the Phang Nga Bay where several beautiful views and sights would captivate your attention and you’ll be able to spot its iconic landmarks like Red Mountain, Nao Thon National Park, Bang Tao Beach and many others from the sky.

Why To Book Phuket Helicopter Tour?

Phuket Helicopter Tour
  • A ride over the most beautiful and picturesque landscape of Thailand is a golden opportunity which will also allow you to capture the best aerial views.
  • During the 10-60 minutes ride you will fly over the secret lagoons, temples, a famous golf-course, famous resorts, hotels and several natural formations like the dramatic PromThep Cape.
  • The highlight of the Phuket helicopter tours are the magnificent scenic views of the Phang Nga Bay.
  • At the rides you’d have ample opportunities to click pictures of the captivating scenic sights.
  • While enjoying a ride over the iconic landmarks of Phang Nga Bay like Nai Thon National Park, Bang Tao Beach, Laguna, Koh Waew, Trisara, etc., you will hear an informative commentary from your pilot.
  • After the tour you would be served post-flight refreshments and cold towels.
  • Your helicopter would fly closer to the 46 metres tall iconic statue of Big Buddha and the 19th century temple called Wat Chalong.
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Available Phuket Helicopter Tour Options

Phuket Beach Helicopter
Phuket Beach Helicopter Tour (10 Mins)

Enjoy a Phuket helicopter tour over its beautiful beaches and capture the most serene views of the town. A helicopter ride would let you experience the bird’s eye views of the west coast of Phuket for a duration of 10 minutes. After the luxurious ride you could spend some relaxing time in your room at the exclusive resort and explore its services.

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 Helicopter Tour
Phuket Helicopter Tour (30 Mins)

Take an unforgettable Phuket helicopter tour and delve into the scenic beauty of the aerial view of the vibrant town of Phuket. During the 30 minute long ride you’d pass through different iconic landmarks of the town like Nai Thon National Park, Bang Tao Beach, Patong Beach, etc. Along with enjoying the sunset views over the islands like Coral Island and Ko Lon Island you’d have the opportunity to fly closer by the Big Buddha.

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Phang Nga Helicopter
Phang Nga Helicopter Tour

At Phuket there are several bays like the Phang Nga Bay, which offers mesmerising aerial views. The Phuket helicopter tours promise to let you capture these views as well as ride over the iconic landmarks. While flying over the Nai Thon National Park,Koh Waew, Laguna, Trisara, Nai Yang Turtle Beach, etc., you’ll be able to spot the famous resorts, luxury hotels and important infrastructure over the bay.

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Phuket Helicopter Tour
Phuket & Phang Nga Helicopter Tour (60 Mins)

It’s one of the longest helicopter tours in Phuket that will let you fly over the vibrant town of Phuket and Phang Nga Bay. As you enjoy majestic views of the beautiful geography you’ll take a closer bird’s eye view of the immense mangrove tree coasts, shrimp farms, magnificent limestone, dramatic rock formations, Promthep Cape and secluded beaches. Along with these natural formations you’d also get superior views of the physical infrastructure like hotels, resorts, Chalong temple, Big Buddha, etc.

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Know Before You Book Phuket Helicopter Tour

Phuket Helicopter Tour

Timings- 12:45 AM to 2 PM

Best Time To Visit- The best time to take a Phuket helicopter tour is during the afternoon when the weather is clear so that you can enjoy magnificent aerial views of beaches, bays and other surroundings of the town.

How To Reach:

By Air- Book a flight to the Phuket International Airport, it’s well connected with Bangkok and other parts of Asia.

By Road- You could take a bus for intra-nation travelling and it would drop you at the BKS terminal in Phuket town. The buses running at the Southern Bus Terminal of Bangkok to Phuket are the most reliable and convenient ones.

By Train- No direct rail-routes to Phuket are available, therefore you’d have to take a train to Bangkok first and get off at Phun Phin railway station. The town of Phuket is 5 hours away from there.

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Phuket Helicopter Tour FAQs

Do we have to book a separate Phuket Helicopter Tour for the Kids?

Yes you’d require to book a separate ticket for the helicopter ride for kids taller than 100 cm. The kids between the age of 0-1 years can sit free of charge on the lap of their guardian.

Is there any pre-registration required to book a Phuket helicopter tour?

It’s suggested to book for the Phuket helicopter tour in advance at a time-slot of your choice. Online booking would let you enjoy extra discounts as well as could be done very conveniently.

What is the best place in Phuket for a helicopter ride?

The best place to enjoy helicopter tours in Phuket is over the Phang Nga Bay and the western coast of Phuket. Here you’d love looking over the dramatic rock formations, turquoise clear water of the sea, infrastructure like resorts, hotels, the Chalong temple, the Big Buddha and many other iconic landmarks.

How much time does it take to cover the whole city?

The Phuket helicopter tours run around the city for a duration between 10-60 minutes and cover all the major iconic landmarks.

What is the age limit for helicopter rides?

People of all ages are welcomed to enjoy a helicopter ride over the beautiful landscape of Phuket.