Phuket Old Town

Phuket Old Town

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About Phuket Old Town

Phuket has a history dating back as far as A.D. 1020, and a past that is shaped equally by Portuguese and Chinese influences. This past, in all its shades and brilliance, is preserved and made evident at the Phuket Old Town, the historical center of what is now the more developed Phuket City.

While the touch of the Portuguese settlers is felt through the beautiful Sino Portuguese Buildings in the area, its Chinese history is made evident through the many Chinese shrines and temples. Be on the lookout for the restoration of the Old Thai Post Office, the Philatelic Museum, the Standard Chartered Bank, and the former Police Station. Along with the well-known Promthep Clock Tower, the ON ON Hotel has also recently undergone restoration. Another must-see is the former Governors House on Talang Road, as well as Rommanee Road, which links Thalang and Dibuk Road. Additionally, there are a lot of Chinese Shrines in the city that spring to life annually during the Phuket Vegetarian Festival.

As the Old Phuket Town is not as popular as the main city center, the cost of accommodation here is reasonable. The cuisine is also outstanding; a sizable night food market, located near Robinsons Department Store and the Ocean Shopping Center, offers all the joys Thai Cuisine has to offer, from vegetarian meals to a substantial seafood selection.


Why Book Phuket Old Town Tour?

Offering a glance into how the town once looked like, the Phuket Old Town tour is a must-try for anyone interested in exploring Phuket’s history and culture. Quite predictably, the Old Town is home to some of Phuket’s best historical attractions, including museums and old colonial streets. The Phuket Old Town tour also includes a traditional Thai dinner at the town, offering an all-encompassing experience. Being a popular demand, the Phuket Old Town tour tickets tend to sell out quickly, so purchasing them online and in advance would be a wise idea.

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  • Take a tour of the rustic, meandering streets and alleyways that make its way through the historical center of Old Phuket Town
  • Explore the history of Chinese immigration and cultures in Phuket at the Thai Hua Museum
  • Admire the colonial mansions that threaten to sweep one back in time and space
  • Stop for a snack or a drink at any of the eateries you pass on your Old Phuket Town tour, with some of the most popular names here being the Old China Inn, the Blue Elephant and the Charm Dining Gallery
  • Pay your tribute at two of the town’s most important shrines- the Jui Tui Shrine and the Shrine of the Serene Light
  • End your Phuket Old Town tour with a delicious Thai dinner at one of the restaurants in the town
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Places To Visit In Phuket Old Town

Teeming with some of Phuket’s best kept history, the Phuket Old Town is marked with its old buildings, meandering alleyways and quaint little cafes. The Phuket Old Town tour offers one a quick glance of what life in the town looked like in the yesteryears; from the colonial charm of the Chinpracha House to a museum that pays tribute to the immigrating Chinese cultures, a visit to the historical town center is sure to leave you enchanted.

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Phuket Old Town
Thai Hua Museum

One of the most interesting places to visit on an Old Phuket Town tour, the Thai Hua Museum focuses on the history and culture of Chinese immigrants in Thailand. The first Chinese language institution in Phuket, Thai Hua first opened its doors in 1934. Today, it is a hub for traditional Sino Portuguese culture. The majority foreign race in Thailand is Chinese, and both Bangkok and Phuket have sizable Chinese populations. The museum contains further information about the waves of migration that came to Phuket between 1824 and 1868 to work on the massive tin mining enterprises, including their origins, travel routes, and goals. You may also learn more about the tin mining business, which made the island prosperous and wealthy.

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Phuket Old Town
Phang Nga Road

The Shrine of the Serene Light, the amulet market, and the On On Hotel are the three attractions on Phang Nga Road. Few people are aware that On On Hotel, which has an intriguing backstory and was featured in the film The Beach, is really located in Phuket Town and not Bangkok as was shown in the movie. Adjacent to On On Hotel, the Shrine of the Serene Light, which was once one of Old Phuket's best kept secrets. Another very interesting landmark to cover on one's Old Phuket Town tour would be the amulet street right across Shrine of the Serene Light, which is a long, enclosed alley where enthusiasts of amulets congregate mostly on weekends to trade and debate amulets

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Phuket Old Town
Jui Tui Shrine

Another lovely temple of significant cultural value is Jui Tui shrine. The Phuket Vegetarian Festival is held each year on the temple grounds, and marks one of the best times to go on a Phuket Old Town tour. After a fire destroyed its former home in Soi Romanee, the temple was transferred to its current position in Ranong Road. The Chinese god of performers and dancers, Tean Hu Huan Soy, is the main deity of this temple, which is among Phuket's oldest. Before getting your future predicted using fate sticks, you may take a stroll around the nicely refurbished gardens. Keep the papers even if they are only written in Chinese and Thai so you may ask someone to interpret them for you later.

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Phuket Old Town
Chinpracha House

One of Phuket's most exquisite houses, Chinpracha House (Baan Chinpracha), is dispersed around Phuket Town. Some of these magnificent Sino-Portuguese style homes are dilapidated and abandoned; others have undergone renovations; nonetheless, Chinpracha House is strangely special and still in its original state. While the lower floor has now been opened as a museum, the owners of the mansion still reside on the second floor. It has a certain vintage charm and ambience and can be visited for 150 baht, so it would be worth looking at. Some of the original furnishings in this stunning center room, which dates back a century, is spacious and in superb shape. Numerous antique family portraits and pictures of Phuket around 1900 are displayed on every wall of the home. The things on exhibit are quite diverse, similar to many privately held "museums.".

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Why Visit Phuket Old Town?

Phuket Old Town
  • As will be made evident by the Phuket Old Town tour, this historical hub is home to some of the best and most vibrant cultural attractions in the city
  • A walk through the streets of the old town, with towering colonial buildings on both sides, often feels like a trip back in time
  • The Old Town is home to two of Phuket’s most important Chinese Shrines- the Shrine of Serene Light and the Jui Tui Shrine
  • History here, is preserved in its unique museums as well, with the Thai Hua Museum And the Chinpracha House being two such places
  • There’s a number of offbeat places to explore as well, such as the amulet market on Phang Nga Road or the Oasis Walking Street
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Know Before You Visit Phuket Old Town

Essential Information
How to reach

Location: alat Nuea, Phuket 83000

Best time to visit :The best time for a Phuket Old Town tour would be during the summer months, when the weather here is cool, sunny and dry, making it easy to walk through the streets and explore all of the attractions they have to offer.One could also try visiting during the months of September and October, when the Phuket Vegetarian Festival takes place at the Chinese shrines

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How old is Phuket Old Town?

With its inception dating back to AD 1020, the town of Phuket is nearly a thousand years old.

What is special about Phuket Old Town?

The Phuket Old Town takes one on a trip to the city’s past. With its Sino-Portuguese buildings, its well preserved lanes and its primitive shrines, this side of Phuket stands in sharp contrast to the modernity that has taken over the city in the past century. With buildings that fully demonstrate the intermingling of Chinese and Portuguese cultures in the town’s past, the town’s architectural uniqueness sets it apart.

What is the best time to visit Phuket Old Town?

The best time to go on a Phuket Old Town tour would be during the summer months. Summers in Phuket span between November and February, and are generally warm, pleasant and sunny. Outdoor activities and street tours are, thus, best reserved for the summer season.

How long should one spend in Phuket Old Town?

One should reserve at least half a day for a comprehensive tour of the Phuket Old Town. There’s a lot to see and do here, and plenty of walking involved, making an expedition to the Old town a rather lengthy one

Do I need to book in advance to visit Phuket Old Town?

While one can always book a Phuket Old Town tour while at Phuket already, it would be advisable to book the experience online. Being a popular cultural tour, the Phuket Old Town tours tend to sell out quickly.

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